RANAS Methodology

Emilie Delevallee
April 29, 2021 / 5 mins read

The transition to a Circular Economy in Africa will require significantly increasing the sorting and collection of MSW and this will require behavioural changes.

One insightful methodology that can be used in approaching such behavioral initiatives is the Risks, Attitudes, Norms, Abilities, and Self-Regulation (RANAS) approach to systemic behavior change.

It is an established method for designing and evaluating behavior change strategies that target and change the behavioural factors of a specific behaviour in a specific population.

In brief, it is an easily applied method for measuring behavioral factors, assessing their influence in behaviour, designing tailored strategies that change behaviour and measuring the effectiveness of these.

On a mission on the field, the WT4E’s team, who is working in cooperation with key players from both the private and public sectors on the feasibility of a WtE Plant Project in Touba, Senegal, has applied this methodology to better understand behaviors and intentions towards the sorting of MSW at the source.

The results of the survey, which is based on a simple random sample of 30 participants, are summarized on the infographic below.

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