Introducing WT4E

The Waste Transformation 4 Energy (WT4E) Association is the umbrella association for Waste-to-Energy (WtE) Project Developers, Technologies Suppliers, Financiers and Operators in Africa. WT4E believes in a well-functioning Circular Economy where landfilling is limited to a minimum, quality recycling is steadily increasing and where WtE technologies have a key role to play in moving towards a resource-efficient and low-carbon African economy.

Its purpose is to foster the development and deployment of WtE projects across the continent in a connected, inclusive and equitable manner, with a particularly strong focus on social innovation.

Functioning as a bridge between the private and public sectors, its mission is to raise the level of awareness about Thermal WtE technologies in African countries, create an enabling environment for WtE investments, and encourage the uptake of these technologies as solutions to the challenges of our times.

Waste-to-Energy and Sustainability

Our Latest Post

What's About Residual Waste in Africa by 2050? WT4E Cares. Here Is Why.

14 April 2021

Guided by CEWEP’s Circular Economy Calculation Tool, WT4E has estimated the need for residual MSW treatment, i.e., energy recovery, in Africa in 2050. The calculation tool provides us with an estimation of 100Mt/year of residual MSW needed treatment capacity. 

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